Australia’s Outback is counting down the days until women gather to share business ideas as part of the Global Women Startup Weekend February 9th-11th.

Central West Queensland joins Sénégal, Detroit, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Lima, Paris and other communities simultaneously hosting the event in addition to just two other Australian cities – Sydney and Brisbane.  Over 4,000 participants globally are expected to gather in the fun and learning program that begins Friday evening and concludes Sunday afternoon.

Attendees have an opportunity to work in teams to share their business ideas and quickly work to determine the concept’s viability and path to a sustainable business model.  From Friday night to Sunday afternoon, participants will work through marketing, accounting and competition analysis in order to build a convincing path forward to share to a panel of judges Sunday night.

One participant from each host city will be sending a delegate to share their business concept in Paris, France March 7-9, 2018 with flight and accommodation paid as part of the global program.

Mentors from Sydney, Brisbane and the United States arrive in Longreach Thursday to prepare for the event. Their expertise ranges from Hip Pocket’s CEO Mark Zmarzly, ConferenceApe’s Benjamin Bryant, and Susan Holcomb a Hot DesQ mentor and former head of Data at Pebble Smartwaches.  Additional mentors with expertise in ecommerce, digital learning and subscription based business models will arrive in person or be available through video conference.  PwC, a global accounting and consulting firm, is also sending representatives through a unique civic innovation program in partnership with McGregor State High School.

“Central Western Queensland has a rich history of problem solving, perseverance and ingenuity.  Events like Startup Weekend and other workshops we host help the region learn and follow a known process to evaluate and build businesses.  There’s problems we have solved here that apply globally to healthcare, agriculture and consumer services,” shared David Arnold, CEO of RAPAD (Remote Area Planning and Development Board).

“It has never been easier, quicker or cheaper for anyone to explore starting a business.  Programs such as Startup Weekend help everyone build skills to evaluate a business that can provide real value to customers and real income to founders,” said Daniel Johnsen, the event’s facilitator and RAPAD’s Entrepreneur in Residence.  He continued, “I’ve been part of nearly 50 of these events including a Startup Weekend here in the Outback in August 2017 and I would put any participants in Central Western Queensland against the teams and concepts from around the world.”

Interested attendees with questions should register online at or visit Outbackhubs at 25 Swan Street, Longreach and contact Daniel Johnsen (; mobile: 0477 122 123)


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